Monday, 30 April 2012

MK Marathon Results 2012

Congratulations to the winner Dave Mitchinson (2 hours 41 mins) and everyone else taking part.  Thanks to all of the supporters, volunteers also the Race Director and his team - you were all great!

Click here for the results

Click here for my own blog ramble about it.


  1. You did really well,Doug. A chip time of 4:12 for a first marathon is excellent.You have to put in a good bit of training to achieve that. Its normal to feel a bit of 'What if' (I had run that other 20 miler,etc) afterwards but that's normal. If you was to run another marathon in your current level of fitness and having the valuable experience of this one under your belt,that may equate to an improvement of 10-20 mins on your 4:12.I say 'May' because nothing's ever guaranteed when you are running 26.2!Anyway,Well done Doug. Take pleasure in your achievement,feel your strength,give thank's to your God!(Why not)and remember that its a difficult thing that you made happen.

  2. Thanks H, I was looking forward to catching up on your comment. Although I am still stiff and I felt a bit low, I'm almost certainly going to have another go at another marathon.