Sunday, 15 April 2012

Coast to Coast training ride

C2C practice ride for Becky & Hannah
"Becky how far do you think we've been riding for?"

"About a mile or two"

"Are you sure?  Must be at least 20 miles.  I never knew this mountain was so steep" panted Hannah

"Have you tried changing gear?"

"Ah great idea Becky, I know Dad explained all that gear changing stuff but which one do I press?"

"That small one on the left, by your thumb.  If you go any slower you'll fall off"

Clank goes Hannah's gears.  Much easier now; a little quicker too.

"Do you think Dad will buy us an ice cream when we get to the top?"

We got ice creams.  This was a "training" ride for our mini holiday to do our Coast to Coast ride in June.  We kind of got the idea last year when we stayed in Cumbria and couldn't help but notice all the route markings and fantastic countryside from the Irish Sea to the North Sea.

We're planning to do a short route consisting of 35 miles x 3 days and staying in Travel Lodges.

The great thing is, we're doing it with our like-minded friends Dave and Ruth with their girls Kate and Hannah (in the same classes as our girls).


  1. Sounds great Doug. You remember times like this.
    I have been trying to get my 16yr old to ride her bike. Its so unused you could eat your dinner off of it.

  2. Thanks H. You're right, this builds good memories - and not just for me I hope. Even if they don't enjoy it, they'll hopefully look back in years to come and savour these memories.

    Just read your comment to my eldest daughter. She says you should threaten to sell the bike if your daughter doesn't start riding hers!