Sunday, 8 April 2012

Reasons to run (again)

Little did I know when Beckipeg photographed me last year, she would be running along here herself!
As there are quite a few new blog readers taking a look from C25K, I thought you might be interested to know what drives me.  Click here  for a previous blog post so you'll know where I'm at and why Beckipeg (aka Coach, Mrs Ramblings etc) is supporting me.  Running is such a fantastic thing to do any would really encourage anyone to have a go and persevere.

For C25Ker's I was absolutely gobsmacked and delighted.  I had no idea at all about Beckipeg being SR, the Secret Runner, although I did recognise the clues but confess I hadn't pieced them together.  Thank you to everyone for your part in encouraging her to press ahead - that's really great - thank you and here's to the progress continuing!

Running and inspirational sights can mean so much.


  1. We've been following Beckipeg's story and think it's great that the secret is now out. It's been weeks of suspense wondering if you'd suss out the covert activities going on at home.

    Only 2 weeks until her graduation! Good luck Beckipeg


    1. Thanks AliB1 and you'll be pleased to know I'm still grinning! Hilarious!

      Mind you, all this was disclosed while we had Mother in Law over for lunch today. Still not quite sure what she made of it all.

      I see you like your Garmin. Food for thought....

      As you say, good luck Beckipeg!