Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pre Race list

Decided to go to the gym for a treadmill run, for about an hour.  Just a gentle run to keep me loosened up.  Left home in such a rush I got there and found I'd left my running shoes at home.  Now that presented a challenge and some choices.

As there wasn't much time left, there certainly wasn't enough time to get dressed again, go home, pick the shoes up, explain three times (plus a forth time to Poppy the dog) why I was home so early and return to the gym.  I decided to go for a swim, after all, why shouldn't I swim in my running shorts?

And so I did.  Did some people watching, if ever I needed a reminder about staying trim I had both extremes to look at.  While bored swimming up and down I decided to have a go at swimming a length under water.  The first attempt left me about 3 metres short.  Second attempt managed it fairly easily; felt good.  Had a bake in the steam room (love it!) and made a mental list of everything I need to take on Sunday for the MK Marathon:

  • race pack including map, car park pass
  • SatNav with car park post code
  • Ibuprofen
  • race number
  • safety pins x4
  • running shoes
  • I'll be wearing my shorts and base layer top
  • small ruck sack, labelled with race number
  • camera for pre/post race photos (for my blog!)
  • waterproof jacket to hopefully leave in my rucksack
  • fleece
  • mobile phone (battery charged)
  • energy gel for half way point
  • disposable jumper
Have I missed anything?

Have you seen the weather forecast for race day?

Did you see the text "Cloudy, wet and windy for much of the weekend with heavy rain and easterly gales by Sunday"?  

Sounds horrible but I can't wait!  I'm not that confident, have hardly had the chance to run since the weekend but I'm looking forward to the marathon, if not the weather!


  1. Hi Doug, Check your feet carefully tonight and trim your toenails if need be. Do you get some chafing in the crotch area running distance? Then don't forget some vaseline. Seems like you are well prepared. Its an exciting time for you and I look forward to your report when you have done it.

  2. Thanks H, appreciate the advice and thoughts. I popped out at lunch time and got some blister plasters but okay in other areas. You know, I think you're more confident than me ! Left leg still hurts a bit running but not too bad. I have booked a days's leave for Monday to recover (and maybe blog about it).

  3. Good luck today, Doug, I hope it goes well. I couldn't face 30 mins in the howling gale and rain this morning and my favourite route around the meadow was completely flooded so I opted for the treadmill. I was thinking about you whilst plodding comfortably in the warm. As they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Looking forward to your blog on the marathon.

    1. Thanks Sue, yes it was raining cats and dogs most of the way around. Must have been the worst weather possible at this time of year but I am so pleased I did it.

      Blog ramble to come tomorrow when I have warmed up (I have taken a days' leave).