Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dennis & Eleanor Draper - marathon runners

Photo: Runner's World
I hope Mrs Secret Runner and I can be like these two runners one day.  Dennis and Eleanor Draper caught my eye in the January 2012 edition of Runner's World and they're really worth a mention.  In fact I've competed against some people in Garden City Runners so who knows, perhaps I've been in the same race.

You can see why it's so easy to admire people like this.  They started running later in life, perhaps at the point when many are hanging up their running shoes.  For Dennis, he was in his 40s when he started (just like me) and he then set about persuading his wife, Eleanor, to have a go.  She did and the two of them have competed together in numerous marathons making them local celebrities.  They have been recognised in their local Welwyn Garden City community for a Mayor's award for their fund raising and achievements.

Now in their 70s, they have both had a dose of cancer and yet have not only pulled through but have continued to run.  Arguably lesser people would have given up running following a diagnoses like that and nobody would ever think badly of someone in those circumstances.

With them both seasoned runners, it makes sense to train together and for them to have the same diet and this is a formula that certainly works.  In fact as a way of celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, Eleanor signed them both up to a race in Switzerland; the Jungfrau Marathon.

It's fair to say running has been a real blessing for the couple and they've had their fair share of injury.  Back in January it was reported that Dennis was in need of a hip replacement (I wonder why!) and had stopped running for the time being, on Doctor's orders.

For sure, I can only admire Dennis and Eleanor.  I hope I can take a leaf out of their book and be running when I'm in my 70s.  So, Mrs Secret Runner, what I'd like on our 50th wedding anniversary is.....

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