Thursday, 15 September 2011

Yew Clothing

Hey why not take a look at the Yew Clothing website:

I was having a flick through an old copy of the Jan / Feb 2010 Ethical Consumer magazine to try and find something about running shoes (which I couldn't find) and came across a brief mention of Yew Clothing.

Yew clothing's website looks pretty cool and the stance they take on trading in an ethical way is clear enough.  They're a London company who sell a range of sports or casual clothing - all made from recycled materials.  While the range is a little limited, it does look good and have some really good credentials.  It also seems very reasonably priced at £25.00 as this this short sleeved jersey shows.  It's made using a sweat-wicking material, that's produced from recycled plastic bottles.

While the website itself is great and builds the image nicely, the blog in "community" has it's last entry 8 months ago.....  Nevertheless, the products are reasonably priced and must score well from an ethical trading point of view.
Men's Everywear Extreme Short Sleeve Blue & Grey


  1. Are you going to try something? Tell us all what you think of it then.

  2. I emailed Yew clothing but alas no reply.