Thursday, 1 September 2011

Just a very quick update

Late summer mist

So, it's the 1st September.  Already there is a whiff of Autumn in the air - soft colours, some mists, the harvest is under way and school uniforms are being checked.

We're looking forward to this year's London Skyride 2011.  Looks like a slightly different route this year.  Even Rachel is coming, albeit as a spectator and to add some atmosphere.  Hannah will be pleased to ride on the pannier rack of my 1984 Dawes Galaxy while Rachel has a wobble on her bike for just a short stretch.

Taken on the 2010 London Skyride

Cycled to work a couple of times this week, enjoyed every minute.  My roundabout technique is proving useful in catching a driver's eye and making sure they have clocked me.  A couple of days ago I found myself catching the eye of a Youth Offending Team pal, Nick.  At least I thought it was him so I emailed him.

"Was it you?" I asked.

"Why yes.  You were very focussed"

"Now that makes a change"

"I suppose it does" he said.


I need to avoid drifting, fitness-wise: I need a goal.  Thinking about the Luton Marathon 2011.  On one hand, why would I want to run around a grotty place like Luton, taking in 3 laps and for it to be in December?  Last year it was cancelled because of the snowy weather.  But then, who cares where it is, the important thing is to get out there and do it.  Could be a great way of finishing the year off.  The trick will be getting the training in without resorting to gym membership again - will need to run 4 times a week for the next 3 months.

Still mixing running with cycling and enjoying it.  Not excelling at either.  Although I've cycled all my adult life, I don't think I'm a particularly "good" cyclist having never applied myself  in a training sense when I was younger.  I wish now I had and running too.  If only I could put the clock back about 30 years!

Stress is well under control at work.  There are always a few niggles though.  Workload is fine, not too much.but there are some incomprehensible things kicking around at present.  While there are many positive things to the Coalition Government, some things are a bit fanciful in my view.


  1. Need a goal, you say...
    London Duathlon is on Sunday
    and Big Cow organise duathlons in the winter/spring in/near MK
    and there are other duathlons
    ...or you could stick a set of these so very expensive if they'de combine the p&P) on the Galaxy and have a go at cyclocross...


    ps I haven't forgotten about the article, just been busy and had trouble starting...I will get 'round to it...

  2. ...Oh, and of course, my own fair club's first Cyclocross event (in Hitchin sun 9/10/11) - you could compete as a novice for £5 (I could even lend a CX bike if you want) and the kids can race for £1, or come & watch if you're not feeling brave enough (but bring your spd shoes 'cos you will want a go once you've seen it...)
    'Cross is the most fun you can have on 2 wheels and very accessable to all from about 7y.o. upwards...

  3. Thanks Ian. I'll check these out but a duathlon sounds the most appealing. Have I missed the London event - did you do it?
    Do you have my phone number / email address?