Monday, 12 September 2011

Review: teach yourself running

That photograph above is my copy of this nifty little book, all about running.  As you can see, it is a well used book.....

The basics:

Teach yourself running, by Sara Kirkham
ISBN 978-0-340-96643-3
My edition was published in 2008
Used from Amazon, priced from £4.09 (as at today)

Why I like it:

This book is great for dipping in and out of; picking up a little useful information each time.  It is ideal for starting out in getting fit by running in what must be the highest calories burning popular sport. It covers the how point of running (the advantages etc and clearly written by someone who has experienced these), kit and planning for success.

Of particular use is the section on nutrition and also training for particular events.  Helpfully it covers in chapter 8 how to over come obstacles.  This is why it is useful for, as I mentioned above, dipping in and out of, according to what you need to know at any point of your running career.  You can't anticipate what issues are going to crop up and that's why it is useful as a reference book.

The book will take you from the initial consideration stage, through to running a half marathon; an impressive journey for almost anyone.

Other points:

  • It has a budget feel to it - it's a paperback without any photographs or artwork inside.
  • The whole Teach Yourself concept is really good
  • I was disappointed recently when I looked up about running a marathon - that's another book to buy.

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