Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Not one Good Samaritan yesterday evening

I went for a shortish tempo run yesterday evening, just after dusk.  Through the streets and up a trail to the top of a hill and across to the viewing point (wow was it windy!). On my return and back down in the town I was running fairly briskly and managed to take a tumble (again).

This time it wasn't too bad with my hands, left elbow, thigh and knee all taking some of the fall.  No single part of me took all the force which helped - but through chance rather than any quick reactions on my part.

There I was, in my running gear lying flat on my back for about a minute.  I was conscious of some cars driving past but not one single person bothered to stop and see if I was alright.  That seems really sad - are people rushing around with no time to spare?  Are people so afraid of other people and worried it is a ploy to mug or rob someone?  After a bit I got up, leaned on a lamp post and limped on my way and before long I was able to run normally.

I do think it is sad, as I said above, nobody stopped to make sure I was okay.  I will just have to make sure I never turn and look the other way.

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