Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Another Rant about Sainsbury's

Really making a conscious effort to eat healthy food nowadays, not just the Cyclist's breakfast but in all other ways.  This includes cutting down (or avoiding altogether) mince pies at Christmas time.  The actual thought of this was miles from my mind until I spotted a stack of mince pies in Sainsbury's this evening.

I really must avoid them, though they are delicious.  Probably a zillion calories in each, that won't do me any good let alone all that fat clogging my blood vessels up.

Being mindful of the late Indian summer we're enjoying in this, the last week of September, the sight of mince pies on sale struck me as being odd.  Especially so when I saw they had a "best before" date of November 20th.  So much for Christmas shopping.

It is not all bad in Sainsbury's.  Perhaps they are making amends from being in cahoots with Innocent Smoothies on the withdrawal of the 1,000ml cartons and replacing them with rather mean-sized 750ml cartons at a price which seems almost as expensive.  Plus more packaging per litre of smoothie, not a good move.  The 750ml cartons are about half price at £1.29 so we can now enjoy a carton at breakfast without feeling rash, extravagant or just plainly guilty.  This is a brilliant way of getting a wide variety of fruit inside us.

Rant over.

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