Monday, 26 September 2011

Cyclist's Breakfast 2

The above link is to the very popular Cyclist's breakfast post.  Since I published it 9 months ago (29th January 2011) it has had 248 page views.  A good number have come from the very good blog.

Since then I have added 2 types of seed to the mixture.  It works out as being 2 teaspoonfuls each day of:

Sunflower seeds containing vitamins E, B1, B2 and B3 plus calcium, magnesium, manganese etc  THis all adds up to regulating blood-fat levels, help healthy skin remain healthy and aiding the repair of tissue.

Pumpkin seeds which helpfully contain similar nutrients in helping the immune system and possibly benefitfitting the prostate (a man thing!).

It nicely changes the texture which is an enjoyable and filling start to the day.  The nice thing about these are that they're a very easy food to keep.  They're commonly available (I get ours from Holland & Barrett).  Additionally they are not too expensive, last a long time and keep well.  Oh, musn't forget to say, they taste nice too!

Sammy the hamster gets some as well when I'm not looking.

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  1. Try adding chocolate drops (a woman thing)