Thursday, 22 September 2011

Review Asics Gel 1150

My Asics Gel 1150 running shoes with the brilliant X Socks
I have been amazed at how many hits my blog has had with people looking for the Review Saucony ProGrid Omni 10 running shoes, I thought I'd review my Asics while I still have them.  I say that as they're thoroughly worn out as I discovered last week when I used them for a couple of runs, just to refresh myself in what they're like.

So, what are they like?

When I first got them, I didn't like them much compared to a pair of Saucony's I'd had before but I grew to like them a lot.  Indeed when I was running last week in them, I was reminded about how great they are.  I remember them being hard to get used to but I did - and very pleased I did!  Main highlights are:
  • They were a good fit for me.  Snug around the aperture but plenty of toe room, but not too much
  • Well made.  There are no weak spots showing and their construction is fine
  • They have worn well and stood up well to all kinds of rough ground, water, mud, dust, grit, abuse and thoroughly hard running at times
  • Good feel for the road; stable and sure-footed.  This is important for me.
  • Not too cushioned and now I have run far too many miles in them, they've gone a bit "flat"
  • The laces aren't quite long enough for that alternative looping pattern of using the extra holes
  • Economically priced
Ethics - I'm not too sure of the supply chain ethics applied by Asics.  If that is a concern to you as well, it's worth checking out.  I know the Ethical Consumer magazine featured Asics but I can't recall all the details (from memory, they weren't that great).

Considering these are entry level running shoes, I'd say they are excellent.

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