Thursday, 24 January 2013

Withdrawal symptoms - poor me!

Here in the UK we've had quite a lot of snow and sub zero conditions over the last 10 days.  Firstly I think "this is lovely" and there have been some fantastic frosts where everything looks so stunningly beautiful followed by the snowy countryside looking like an enchanting Christmas card scene.

Try running on it.  Even worse, try running on the compacted snow and sheet ice.  Man I'm lucky not to have a few broken bones.

Even even even worse are the feelings of withdrawal symptoms that I'm feeling.  This is bad and it is having an effect on me:

  • Rising stress levels.  Nothing I can't handle but a good run certainly helps me think through some of those work related issues.  Lots going on and as I now work in an open plan office I have less space to think and even more so now as there are generally more people around these days.  They're great colleagues but we all in close proximity to each other
  • My sleeping pattern has been thrown out.  I'm tending to fall asleep as normal i.e. within 30 seconds of going to bed and then I wake up at 3 or 4am - wide awake, things buzzing through my mind.  Running makes me more tired physically so I ordinarily sleep very well.  
  • Weight.  I haven't weighed myself but I'm sure I must have gained a couple of pounds.  No problem shaking that off when I get going again
  • A little less supple, perhaps.  Being a runner I notice those subtle changes in my body more easily, a little like the above item of probably gaining a little weight - subtle changes you notice
  • I know how running helps keep my digestion running smoothly and.... well.... I'll spare you the details.
I am simply missing that Runner's High.  Simple as that.

But now I see the weather forecast is for a bit of a thaw over the next few days, heading towards the weekend.  I don't think I have ever looked forward as much to those grey, dull, miserable days as much as I am now!

Just as well really, apart from the effect that not running is having on me, it also means I'm losing out on my training schedule for the MK Marathon. Did I tell you a friend of mine is also going to enter the MK marathon?  I'm really pleased about that and I was delighted and surprised when he told me. Actually I'm really delighted. I think we might manage different times and just so good to have a friend there who is also doing it.

So, roll on the weekend!


  1. Hi, Doug, Thaw on its way, thank god. I still managed 46 miles on the white stuff (all on snow), but needed a couple of days off. I think is has been good training, but my feet ache due to the altered footing required to stay upright!! Anyway a week or two of rest is essential a couple of times a year, especially at our age.

    Best of luck next week,


  2. Hi Mark

    Thanks, appreciate that. You're right the thaw is happening but we still have snow 4" in the garden but I'm going for a run anyway today - those withdrawal signs are really affecting me as again I woke at 3.30am.

    Wow 46 miles. Impressed.

    Regards, Doug