Friday, 11 January 2013

New year update

Quite a lot going on in the Rambling House, so apologies for not blogging much lately.  Here's a round up of what's been going on....

Cycling, punctures and cross-dressing

Last weekend we went over to our friends Dave and Ruth.  The plan was for Dave and I to sneak out for a bike ride while all the girls did girly things.  I took my bike on the back of  our car and while we were driving I realised I had left my helmet, my gloves, my cycling shoes at home.  "No problem" says Ruth, borrow mine.  So there I am, adjusting Ruth's helmet and I'm handed a pair of lady's gloves. "Don't worry, they're my running gloves, you'll be alright".  At least they're not pink I thought and actually they were ideal.  So two out of three things was pretty good but I was wearing ordinary shoes and have you ever tried to ride for an hour with SPD pedals with ordinary shoes?  Not easy, especially when your feet expect to be locked onto the pedals, so instead they kept falling off.  Grrrrrr. Grrrreat ride though, thanks Dave.

Punctures - oh yes, I have been having my fair share lately.  Thankfully it was the following day, at home, when I spotted a flat tyre. Dealt with easily enough.  Phew.

Running, yes running

On Wednesday I had a brilliant run with my colleague Chris, after work.  We did about 5 miles and it went by so fast.  We were both in fairly good shape.  We did the same route I did on my own, just before Christmas.  Then, it was dark, with cold rain making it hard and yet so compelling.  Does that make sense?  When it's hard going it just becomes more of a challenge to overcome.

I decided to repeat the run on my own the following day (yesterday) but little to say other than it seemed to take longer on my own - perhaps we go faster when we run together?  A bit like a race?  Maybe.  Rest today, hopefully a long run tomorrow morning, first thing before breakfast.

Blog, blog, blogging

Have a few things in mind for some posts soon, pretty excited about.    Also I have been neglecting the cycle hub which I'm not happy about.  We're poised to buy a new computer (Apple this time) and then I'm planning to write an ebook!

Finally, happy new year, greetings to all my readers.

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