Saturday, 5 January 2013

Why you should take a mobile phone when running

Good easy run first thing this morning, once again at day break.  More-or-less a familiar route of 7.5 miles including the hills that I love, so some interval training once again.

Just as I was about half way round, I spotted a whole load of cyclists coming towards me.  To be honest I thought they looked a bit sinister with big heavy looking helmets, ultra bright lights (and I mean BRIGHT) which meant some were silhouetted and anonymous bikes - until I realised I would probably look nearly the same on a bike.  Then they seemed a friendly bunch with most of them giving me a smile or a "hi-ya".

Then I turned into a narrow single track country lane where I came across an abandoned car.  Now that really did look sinister, especially as the driver's door was wide open.  I couldn't see if anyone was in the car as the dew was all over the glass and so I took a look from the passenger side.  No sign of anyone and so I felt the bonnet - it was cold.  Perhaps a stolen car which had run out of petrol?  I thought I'd call the Police and then had to try and remember the number - clearly not a 999 call but was it 112 or 101?  The number 112 sounded a bit like another emergency number so 101 it was - and thankfully I was right.  Gave the details (what, where etc) and carried on.

This is the first time I have used my mobile phone while I was out running, though it's nice to know I've got it, just in case I have a mishap.  Afterall, I have been known to trip and fall over a few times in the past.  So taking a phone seems a useful thing in rural areas and coming across an abandoned car adds to the list of reasons.

The run itself - physically great.  Fair pace, not too difficult having had a few days rest after my continuous 12 days of consecutive running over Christmas.

Mentally - not good.  Normally I can think through a problem or issue quite well during an hour's run but not today; I kept darting from one thing to another and that was without the distraction of abandoned cars.  Still, it all adds to the rich variety of runs, with no two runs being exactly the same.

Training - need to find a training programme to follow as the MK Marathon is exactly 4 months and 13 hours away!  Really looking forward to it!


  1. I've never ever thought of taking a Mobile phone with me while out running.
    Strangely I ALWAYS take a phone with me (and spare cash) when I'm on my bike - but never while running.

    How do you carry your phone while your running?

  2. Hi Ben,

    Sorry I haven't replied to your comment earlier. Like you I take a phone with me when cycling, just in case.

    Most of the time I wear a pair of Ron Hill running shorts. There is a small pocket in the middle at the back, just under the waist band. Thoughtfully it has a zip. The pocket is just big enough for a small mobile phone and a door key.

    I think quite a lot of runners use iPhones as these may have a GPS app running, plus music and a phone all there in one unit. These are brilliant devices, although I haven't got one. I guess they need a bigger pocket or this might explain why people strap them to their arm.

    I feel another blog post coming on!

    Regards, Doug.

  3. hello, nice piece above, since moving house and running along tracks and trails near housing estates Ive been attacked by dogs many times, bitten once. Recently during a run along a brook in woodland a group of 5 young men were driving an obviously stolen ride on mower on the path and ran off when I came by .. these were fit well dressed lads and had the group look of travellers, so I looked away and ran off. In last 5 weeks during a run Ive came across a fallow deer that had been hit by a car and I had to call RSPCA and stopped for a wee just 2 feet from a curl up living adder. All these events are more than enough reason to carry a phone but Im going for a sim only top up with one of those older style micro mobiles, light and slim.
    happy running!

    1. Hi Neil

      It sounds as if you've had some eventful runs and good reasons to carry a phone. Interesting suggestion that an older phone will do the job fine.

      Regards, Doug.