Saturday, 19 January 2013

Apple for breakfast?

Yep we all know an "apple a day keeps the Doctor away" but this is a case of a new Apple MacBook Air being good for my patience, not to mention my blogs.  Blogging just before breakfast is my favourite time of getting together with the internet.

The Rambling family has gradually seen a bit of an Apple invasion.  It started a few years ago with me having a birthday present of a very innocent iPod Shuffle (one of those very basic clip-type MP3 players and fantastic for the gym and running the streets).  Next Rachel treated herself to an iPad, followed by an iPhone, not to mention the two Kindles.

Our old Dell laptop is nearing the end of its life, afterall we got it second hand 6 years ago and has been showing its age in a number of ways.  So it was time to buy something new.  Special thanks to those friends and colleagues who allowed me to pick their brains and it seems everyone who has any kind of Apple computer absolutely loves them for their smooth operation and reliability.

Now I'm having to learn how to use it!  First impressions are an amazing new world waiting to be explored which should hopefully make life easier as I learn my way around.  The actual MacBook Air is incredibly slim, capable and very elegant.  We got ours from Apple and their refurbished stock  saving 15% but it is absolutely perfect.

In the context of blogging the intention is to nurture this blog and get to grips with  I have plenty of articles in the pipeline including a feature on being vegan and I have been commissioned to review some sports protein supplements.

Feeling evangelical about a number of things (Christian faith being number one) I am planning to publish an ebook about an easy way giving up smoking, possibly one or two others to follow.

So there we are.  An Apple for breakfast, opening up a whole new world of being able to use the internet without the constant crashing, freezing and endless egg timers.

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