Saturday, 12 January 2013

2013 aspirations

I don't "do" New Year's resolutions but it doesn't stop me having a few things to aim for.  Here's a few thoughts for the year ahead.....


I'm booked into do the MK Marathon 2013 on 6th May.  I am hoping for a faster time this year, would be nice to come in under 4 hours.  Really looking forward to it and also the training being better than 2012 (which was a bit erratic!).  Fair weather would help.

That's the only race I have in my diary for this year.  Wouldn't mind a half marathon before.  Longer term?  Well, I want to keep running and continue enjoying the immense benefits.  For others, I have some colleagues who are getting themselves some running shoes.  Some others are leading healthier lives, all good stuff.


I reckon my diet is pretty good but there is room for improvement but my digestion can be sluggish at times.  I am almost tempted to see a nutritionist as I feel I could benefit from some expert guidance.  I would like to try some healthier vegetarian or vegan foods and publish more reviews, right here on my blog.   Maybe some recipes as well.

I am also concerned about the long term impact of GM food, public health, over processing of foods.  I could go on and on about these things!


You'll need to read my other blog for much on this subject.  Once again I do find myself thinking "long distance, endurance stuff".


Keeping this blog going is not my real day time job.  That job is being a middle manager in the public sector - criminal justice system.  I'm unsure of how the latest round of cuts and announcements will affect me but I can't allow those stressful situations affect my health any more.  So many of my colleagues have either failed to reach retirement or those that have may not have enjoyed it for long.  Given the choice, I'd much rather live modestly and have a long life.

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