Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Christmas holiday run # 12

Today I have been truly blessed with the best possible run in starting off the New Year!

These were the ingredients:  cool, crisp sunny weather; seeing the dawn from the top of a nearby hill followed by some beautifully soft sunshine; running up a temporary stream caused by the recent heavy rainfall; hardly anyone else around and the feeling of wanting to on and on.

The run itself was at least 8.5 miles, not especially fast.

It gave me an opportunity to think ahead rather than reflect on what's gone.  Might like to do a half marathon later in January or February.  Might like to have a run in some more rugged surroundings (twenty years ago I lived within an hour's drive of the Black Mountains which were so beautiful).

For me it's back to work tomorrow.  I have thoroughly enjoyed by daily runs, both short and long runs.  Each one has been important to me for different reasons and overall I have gained.  Although I could run well tomorrow, I probably need to give my legs a rest so I can have a decent run at the weekend.  Time also to download the training programme for the Milton Keynes 2013 Marathon.

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