Thursday, 29 December 2011

Long term review - Saucony ProGrid Omni 10

My well used Saucony ProGrid Omni 10 running shoes

You may already have read my previous review  of these running shoes written on 31st July, almost 5 months ago.  Back then I was quite pleased with them but not exactly over-the-moon having been upsold by a shop which has now gone bust.  Now having run even more in these and used them alongside a pair of Brooks Vapor 9, I can say I'm now delighted with them and would happily buy another pair.  Although maybe I'll do another post some other time about having 2 pairs of running shoes, let me say now I think it is a good idea.  If you run daily, having a spare pair allows extra drying time, especially if you (like me) enjoy running through all kinds of mud.  Also, it does no harm to allow the shoes to rest and regain some of their structure having been pounded for a few miles.

They really have grown on me and I'm having to face up to the fact they must be nearing the end of their life now.  Overall I like the comfort on longer runs the best.  With ordinary short runs, running shoes just merge into each other.  The Saucony's have that something "extra" that brings some comfort just as I need it.  I like the stability and confidence I get from these, with their predictable sure footedness.  That's important to me as, to be honest, my balance could be better.

Below is a photo I took this morning of the heal; evidence they have seen better days.
Evidence of being nearly worn out after 600+ miles


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