Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Brooks Vapor 9 - early days review

Brook Vapor 9 mens - view 3
Brooks Vapor 9 running shoes; about £75
I got a pair of these new running shoes a couple of weeks ago as my Saucony's are wearing out (I like the idea of overlapping to extend their life).  My first impressions, based on just one run were fantastic.  Now a few more runs, I'm not so sure....

They seem to have settled down a bit now but they're still okay.  A couple of observations which might be useful to bear in mind:
  • Size: when I got them the shop recommended going up half a UK size.  This proved right for me.
  • Grip:  I noticed when running on damp tarmac the grip is much less than it should be.  My feet were almost slipping from under me!  Could be some surface finish needs to get worn off.
January 2012 - stop press!
I have just clocked the Ethical Consumer Guide and seen Brooks have the worst rating - so I won't be buying these ever again unless they improve drastically.  Saucony, who I have previously commented on for doing well with supply chain ethics are my first choice.

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