Friday, 30 December 2011

Blogging in 2011

I've enjoyed blogging this year and it started as a New Year's resolution last year (when I didn't really do much) but this year I thought I'd put in some more effort.  Enjoying it is two fold: firstly there is sharing my thoughts with you my audience and secondly and just as important, I have enjoyed reading other people's blogs.  Some of these blogs are listed in the right hand column below.

Some stats:
December 2010 - 38 views, that's all!
By December 2011 - over 18,000!  Not bad for my first proper year.  I have set Blogger not to count my own views
Comments - 159 including my responses.  How can I make it more interactive....?
Adsense income - only £31.88.  Just as well I'm not depending on this for an income!
Audience - in order of page views - UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Ireland, Russia, Belgium and Spain.  There are plenty of others with fewer page views.

Referring sites - Cycling info, Thorn cycles, CTC
Most common search terms - Sauncony ProGrid review, Thorn Audax Mk3, human hand, Brooks B17

Blogging in 2012
I would like to develop a few things.  Firstly as I like people and find people interesting, encouraging and value other insights, I want to develop more interviews, guest blogs etc.

Most popular posts:

31 Jul 2011
642 Pageviews
4 Jun 2011, 4 comments
602 Pageviews
8 Jan 2011, 4 comments
354 Pageviews
29 Jan 2011, 1 comment
265 Pageviews
21 Feb 2011, 4 comments
239 Pageviews

Thank you
Many thanks for visiting my blog and especially so if you are a regular reader.  I value encouragement 
and constructive criticism alike, so please do feel very welcome to leave me a comment.   
A particular 'thank you' to those who have kindly included my blog as a link from their own website.

Just as this blog charts my efforts to stay in good shape, please be encouraged to do the same in terms of your physical, mental health.  Above all, don't forget your soul.

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