Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Slobusfaticus again

I went to the gym again last night and the Slobusfaticus was there.  Perhaps he's been reading my Ramblings as  he was drying himself with a towel instead of using a hairdryer.  Mind you, probably the safest thing to do knowing there were a couple of lads in high spirits running around when the staff turned their backs.

One of these lads was the same as one with a mobile phone in the gym.  I'm sure that's against the rules, we can't have people wandering around with mobile phones, try buying one without a camera these days.

Anyway, Slobusfaticus and Mischievous (lads) aside, I had a good workout - running and stretching.  The running bit was 7.2 miles instead of the standard 6.2 (10k) which was a fairly gentle run with a few intervals at 9-10mph.  Otherwise I stuck at a steady 7-8mph which keeps my heart rate at around 170-175bpm and at about my maximum (220-age = max bpm).  Having a fast blast takes me up around 185bpm which I know is pushing it but probably okay for a couple of minutes.  Certainly feels great afterwards with a nice dose of Runner's High.

Stretching is getting easier but now I need to make sure I'm stretching all the right ways.  A few lunges, as far as I can comfortably go with a 8kg weight in each hand, is good to hold for 30 seconds.  Must read up and blog about that another time but for now let me say I firmly live in the camp of stretching AFTER exercise, not before.  I always slowly warm up with a gentle jog and slow run for a few minutes and this seems to work for me.

So, we'll need to see how Slobusfaticus and Mischievous behave next time!

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