Monday, 21 February 2011

Injury update

Weston-Super-Mare - a great beach for running!
This hand injury of mine has really scuppered me in terms of cycling.  It's now three weeks since I had that fall and I continue to really miss cycling.  Once or twice I've been out into the garage just to take a look at my bike and to remind myself what it looks like from close up.  Each time I spot some tiny detail that I've not spotted before.  So, yesterday afternoon I decided to have a trial ride on my bike, though I knew it was a non starter.

Sure enough, it was a non starter.  I rode just a short distance along our road holding the handle bars as loosely as I could and it was still pretty uncomfortable.  I tried reaching for the brake lever; that was really painful and I remain in no doubt I'm not ready to cycle.  This is all very frustrating as I was determined to build up plenty of miles in preparation for some longer rides in the summer - I fancy taking part in some Audax events where stamina are more important than outright speed.

Now I find myself somewhat resigned to not cycling for a while.  I can see I have to rest the hand and allow it to heal; if I do too much I risk causing some long term problems.   However, knowing that healing has been taking place, I reckon I could run - and so I did this morning, just for about 15 minutes at daybreak.  Although not long enough to experience or enjoy the "runners high", it did still feel good.

So, with the worst of the weather hopefully behind us and the lengthening daylight, things are looking up for some running.  Looking on the bright side, running is still something I enjoy and it does wonders in terms of keeping fit.

All being well I'll go for a run tomorrow morning before I go off to work.   Afterall, its half term.  The girls tend to have a sluggish routine in the mornings and I find the roads have much lighter traffic so I might go a little further tomorrow - it won't take long for me to be enjoying those 7 mile / 55 minute runs again.

I took a look at some web based x-ray images of hands.  What a wonderful design and in thinking what a hand can do, it's just an amazing part of creation.


  1. Good move to get out there and do a bit of running and burn off some of that frustration over the injury. Try not to go for any P.B's just yet though!
    Remember,the hands transmit a lot of energy to the bike so its probably not wise to ride untill your hand is strong enough to do so without the painful discomfort you are having now.
    I share your wonder about the Human hands...probably the greatest and most versatile tools ever to exist.

  2. Many thanks for your comment.

    Yep running is the answer for the time being and something I've enjoyed so much over the last few years.

    I like the simplicity of running; just me, running shoes and the path in front. No gears or free wheeling.

  3. How is your hand now?

  4. Thank you for asking, Anon.

    Slow progress due to nerve damage. My Doctor says it might take 12+ months to heal completely.