Saturday, 5 November 2011

Running through the mist

Autumn mist on a nearby trail
I had a short, gentle run this morning and, for once, had the good sense to take my camera.  I just love these early morning mists where everything looks so quiet, peaceful and mysterious.

Work is on my mind a lot again, perhaps because I have not been running since last weekend.  I have some big questions in my mind which I am trying to work through - should I take a career break, or a career change or maybe I'm where I am "meant to be"?  This morning's run was too short to work through these questions but it did loosen up my muscles for a longer run tomorrow morning - as usual I'll be running at daybreak with even fewer people around on a Sunday.

Running is a brilliant time for reflecting on things and longer more intense runs are sometimes inspirational for me.  Maybe that's what I need for tomorrow.  Nevertheless running is proving good for me physically and mentally - and I know there's a certain dependency going on.  Being addicted to running or cycling doesn't seem to be such a bad thing, compared to other addictions that spring to mind.  It sets me up for the day very well.

Just as a brief change of subject and to wrap this post up, I was both amused and a little worried as I came across some cattle unexpectedly this morning.  I think we surprised each other and thankfully they were too cold to get too worried about me, so I took a photograph and ran for it!

Oh, one more thing.  At the time of writing my Blogger template is using one of the new dynamic views.  I have mixed feelings about this and might switch back to the old one but I really want to know what my readers think.  For me it is showing the real number of page views with 200-300 hundred a day, which is significant up on the old template.  Please leave me a comment if possible.  Thanks, Doug.


  1. The top photo is beautiful and atmospheric.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging comment. Although I like it, it doesn't do justice to the scene as I remember (but I'll keep practising!)