Friday, 4 November 2011

Do you like the new Dynamic Blog Template?

As you can I decided to try out Blogger's Dynamic Blog Template - I thought it was worth a try but I've got some mixed feelings about it.

Apart from Adsense all the gadgets have disappeared.  I really miss my list of running and cycling blog links, plus I know they benefited from some traffic via Ramblings of Doug.  I quite like the way it works in switching between the different views.

A couple of positive things - page views have quadrupled today (shot up from about 45 a day up to 200+) which apparently is more accurate.  Secondly, I can always switch back if so desired.

Please leave me a comment - I'd love to hear from you on this.

Late November - I have abandoned the Dynamic Template.  Although it showed I was getting over 7,000 page views a month, it just didn't look like the blog I wanted.  No gadgets, no easy links to other blogs, so I've gone back to a conventional template (still playing with colours though!).  This template's stats indicate a lower readership for some reason.

Comments gratefully received.


  1. I go back and forth depending on my mood. Why not?

  2. Thank you Christina, I enjoyed visiting your blog, I like your creativity.

  3. I kinda like The new Dynamic template. The posting editor needs MASSIVE upgrade though. I use Windows Live Write, which does the job though.
    Plus, not sure why Blogger does not support a quality mobile app for ALL mobile systems, especially being such a big company like google.

    At the moment, wordpress, posterous, and tumblr work better then Blogger, but i can see the advantages of using a Google product, get more views is the big draw card of course. Plus the new templates look kinda cool.

  4. Thanks Alleycats, that's interesting. I too like the Dynamic templates but missed the gadgets I have.
    Do you find you get many more page views?
    Kind regards, Doug.