Saturday, 19 November 2011

New membership with DW Sports

I've decided to re-join DW Sports as I'm just not getting the opportunity to run with the short days drawing in.  Apart from an early morning run on Saturday and Sunday, I'm just not getting the miles in.

I have some mixed feelings about re-joining DW Sports.  On one hand it's an expense I'd rather not pay, on the other it is a small fee for staying in good shape through the winter.

It turns out to be a good time to join with "seasonal" promotions going on.  They have waived the normal joining fee of £17.50 (you get nothing for this, it's DW Sports way of extracting some more money) and I get January free because of the 12 days of fitness for £12 offer.  It took me a while to work it out but it looks like I'll save just under £53 on the normal fees.  Plus there's a public sector discount of £4.00 a month (just over 10%).

While I like to save this money, it again seems daft to me.  Why should public sector workers be favoured?  It's true that we all serve our communities well and often in ways that are unknown and unappreciated.  It's also true that equivalent private sector jobs often command higher salaries.  What about unemployed people, others on a low wage, self employed people?  The list goes on.  Seems a bit discriminatory to me but I won't complain too much as it's in my favour!

Actually joining was a bit of a faff this time.  First time I went and asked to join, I was asked to show some form of photo ID, which I didn't have on me.  I returned the next day with my ID card and was told it had to be a passport or driving licence.  So, seeing as I only have one of those old fashioned paper licences, I had to dust off my passport.  Third time lucky!  I was able to join and I couldn't resist asking why the fuss over a photo ID.  The assistant said it was "company policy" and I asked why, what was behind that.  She didn't have any idea at all.  Fair enough, she was following instructions but it did seem disappointing she didn't know.

Enough of the waffling around, I think(?) I'm looking forward to some good all-round work outs, swims and exercising through the winter months.

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  1. Even after reading your blog I don't know whether to join DW near where I live. Are you going to follow up DW on your blog? Andy.

  2. Andy,

    Yes I'm sure DW Sports will feature in my blog, perhaps over the next 6 months and then I might quit once the warmer longer days have retirned. While there will be good/bad points with any gym or fitness club, the success depends on what the customer is prepared to put in i.e. rewards are from the effort: more effort = more rewards.