Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Autumn cycle ride in the Cotswolds

I have been looking forward to today's ride for several weeks; always nice to have something like this in my diary, an excellent anti-stress measure.  Meeting up in Burford with my good friend Wallie, in the middle of the Cotswold Hills is ideal as we arrive from different directions having driven about the same distance.

We had a very pleasant and easy-going ride of just over 30 miles.  Planning the route was easy - circular tour, tail wind for the last part, avoid main roads and avoiding hills (tricky in the Cotswold HILLS, Wallie).  And so we were off, ambling down country lanes.  We did all the usual "catching up" concerning work, family, holidays and so on. While all the chatting and gentle pedalling was taking place, we realised it was the ideal time to see the autumn colours, just as the leaves were starting to fall.  At least I've got some in colour, as I am getting the black & white bug again.

When you know someone as a good friend for three decades, you can sometimes think alike.  Just as I was remembering our last ride together (click here) and the puncture I had, Wallie asked if I was planning to have another puncture today.  Naturally I said no, with a reminder that we're not superstitious!

Thankfully the roads we chose we quiet with only the occasional car, tractor or van.  Even better we saw the occasional cyclist - each friendly enough as we passed each other.

Another lovely cycle ride Wallie, thank you.  No punctures, not even an infamous "short cut" or anything to detract from the lovely quiet autumnal  day.  Perhaps my only regret was it went by too quickly but at least we'll have a chance once again next year.

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