Sunday, 20 November 2011

First 2000 miles on Thorn Audax

In marking this milestone, I could talk about the frame and the components but instead I thought I'd reflect on some figures lying behind the 2000 miles.  Before I do so, I'm disappointed in myself that I have only covered these miles in 11 months and you might remember I was off the bike for several weeks having injured my hand (and it STILL hurts but less so).

Calories, energy
2000 miles at an average of 14mph = 142 hours of cycling
142 hours using 400 calories per hour = 56800 calories
Knowing there are about 95 calories in a banana....
56800 calories divided by 95 = 588 bananas needed
(that means a banana will fuel me more 3.4 miles)

The bike cost, in round numbers, about £1000.
I estimate that half the miles were purely for leisure.  The other 1000 miles were in commuting and where I left my car at home.  Using the HMRC mileage rate of 45p per mile, means I have saved £450 in petrol and running costs.  At this rate the bike will have paid for itself after 5000 miles!
I've had a couple of punctures, resulting in using a couple of patches and a new inner tube.

De-stressing reflective times
A sense of well being, independence
Three great rides with my friend Wallie
Environmentally friendly
Sometimes faster than driving to work
It's becoming a good "friend"

Thorn Audax mk3 our first 1000-miles l

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