Saturday, 3 November 2012

Why go for a Fun Run?

Fancy dress and fun runs go together!
Back in October we took part in a fun run.  It was actually the first time we'd done this together as a family and we were spurred on for a number of good reasons to do this.  We really enjoyed it, in spite of it being on a drab, cold, damp Sunday afternoon near Luton Airport.

Fun runs seem to crop up in lots of places these days, either on their own (like this one) or to go along side another race.

Here's a few thoughts on why no runner shouldn't take part....

Fund raising

This particular fun run was a fund raising event.  Nobody had a problem with that as everyone knew the deal.  It was all about celebrating the life of Michelle Hulford 1990-2012 who sadly died in the summer (more information click here and here).  The theme of the event was "Live Life in Full Colour" and as a way of raising funds for the two charities she supported.  My two daughters knew her through the same school and went to the celebration service which was, everyone says, incredibly powerful and moving.  Back to the fun run... it's just a great way of getting people together for a bit of fun and a purpose.

If you can walk, you can do it

In fact running is the intention but equally walking, jogging, crawling, hopping are all fine.  It's not a race.  Naturally there were some wizz kids storming their way around the 5k course.  Amongst these was the cool and accomplished runner Jeremy Weightman who seemed to lap Hannah and myself in no time at all.  In fact I think the run was over for him and one or two others in almost no time at all!!!!

There were quite a few in the "have-a-go" category and these were especially cheered on by the supporters.

It is never too far

Fun runs are normally short distances - this one was divided into 2k and 5k.

A chance to try running for the first time

If you are new to running and maybe fancy having a go at entering a race, a fun run could be a good stepping stone.  It is an opportunity to be at the start line with others, feeling the "tension" and dash off with the others when the starting gun goes.  Because it's not a race, you can't be last.  Besides, nobody will mind if you walk or even stop for a rest!

Supporting others

I ran alongside my youngest daughter Hannah.  She's 12 and was determined to get 'round without stopping and sure enough she did - and very well too!   If you're already a "proper runner" remember you started at some point yourself, so there's the opportunity to encourage someone else by going alongside.  Even if you're not taking part yourself, there will be the need for a small army of supporters to do things: marshals  first aid, motivators, a band or two perhaps, drink stations, registration desks and so on.

You can be in fancy dress

Yes you too can run around in a red skin tight head-to-toe outfit if you want, or any other crazy costumes.

Above all, remember what it's really about

Fun runs are often charitable events, best remember that.  Raise money for a good cause; don't take the running too seriously!

My daughters - running well and having fun!

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