Thursday, 1 November 2012

Javea Triathlon 2012

From : Euro weekly news 31.10.12
The town of Javea has just hosted its first triathlon with 340 competitors taking part in the event.    No, I'm not warming up to be a triathelite but I was sorry I missed seeing this event during our recent holiday in the town.  It would have been great, in more ways than one.

What could have been a boring newspaper account it says "....nearly went horribly wrong when many of the spectators decided to run alongside the professionals, followed by teams of Police trying to tackle them en-route".

It must have been quite a sight!  All those Police Officers running in the 5k part - perhaps good training for catching local criminals.

The official article gives a dry account and tells you who the winners are.  Roll on next year - Javea Triathlon 2013!

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