Saturday, 10 November 2012

What a week!

Wow have I missed running this last week.  It's been one of those weeks when it just wasn't going to happen easily, what with it being my first week back after our holiday.

Evenings have been tricky this week.  Monday, we were settling back into normal family life, children back at school and I needed to be "in" during the evening.  On Tuesday I had a after dinner speaking engagement at a local Rotary Club, didn't get home until 10.30pm.  The audience were very receptive, interested, asked lots of questions in the Q&A slot at the end - but a very grey haired, white skinned and male audience nevertheless.

Wednesday evening did involve a little exercise with a 30 minute blast on my new turbo trainer in the garage - this is a gizmo for holding up the back wheel of my bicycle in the garage and allowing me to cycle on the spot.  As the back wheel runs on a roller, there is some resistance which is helpful to avoid mere spinning and no strength building effort.  I'll be blogging about this on sometime next week.  Although just 30 minutes, it was enough to get me out of breath, sweaty and stinky (much to Hannah's distain, as usual) and I'm fairly pleased with my new toy.

Thursday was going to be impossible in terms of exercise as I had a long day because of work.  As part of my work I am involved with the RSA Transitions project (a kind of prison reform) which entailed an early start, getting fined £93.50 by East Coast for mistakenly catching an earlier train.  Grrrrr.  An interesting day, getting to know the team and a chance to wander around some of the 45 acres surrounding HMP Wold and HMP Everthorpe, somewhere "up north".  Got back home at 8.30pm, hungry and for some brief family time.

Friday - my parents arrive for the weekend.  No chance of sneaking out for a quick run.  This morning, Saturday, my chance came but as I had not run for almost a week I thought it best to have a short 15 minute pre-breakfast run.  Not politic to disappear for too long.

So there I am, really missing running and cycling.  Dark, shorter days don't help.  Looking forward to things getting back to normal but it won't be next weekend either.  We're having a couple of German (exchange) girls come to stay which will be great fun but probably not ideal for me disappearing in my Sauconys.

At least I wasn't the driver who reportedly knocked Bradley Wiggins off his bike.  That "mishap" must count amongst one of the most uncool mishaps to have as a motorist.  Mind you, I don't know the whole story.  For all I know it may not have been the van driver's fault.  Perhaps Wiggo was travelling a time trial speeds and not obeying the sedate 20 or 30mph speed limit?

I was interested to read in the Telegraph's Weekend supplement about the former spin doctor Alistair Campbell talk about his addiction to alcohol, along with his support for Alcohol Concern's forthcoming campaign of having a Dry January - i.e. no alcohol for one month.  This is more wishy-washy spin.  If you're a heavy drinker, why not be really radical and give up alcohol together?  This is something I strongly advocate - being tee total has never harmed anyone.  See my previous post on this - Why I am tee total.

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