Monday, 5 November 2012

Back to work....

Going back to work today was hard.  Hard going because we've just had a week in Spain (lovely warm climate, running country and good food) followed by a few days at home.

I always dread turning on my computer; not because I struggle to remember the passwords if I've had a good holiday, but because I dread reading what's gone wrong while I've been away and not there to fix things or possibly defend myself.  I did have a couple of welcome distractions.

We have a new Director working with us and his desk is behind mine.  We exchanged pleasantries, as one does to welcome any new colleague.  Then I spotted a water bottle on his desk - a cycling one!  I remarked on it, asking him if he was a cyclist.  He was!  Excellent!  I told him he was clearly the man for the job, never mind anything else.  He laughed politely but I'm not sure he was that impressed.

And then another "new" person came in.  Someone who has worked for us before but has returned in covering another colleague who is on long term sick leave.  Nice to see him anyway.

Oh, I should mention the biscuits.  You know how it is often traditional that for anyone who's been on holiday, they should bring in something to eat from their holiday. So I bought in a box of biscuits and, shall we say, they are "interesting" and not quite what I expected.  They certainly look nice - some chocolate, some decorated beautifully, every one is tempting.  The trouble is that as soon as you pick one up it either explodes or disintegrate in your fingers.  There are so many crumbs and bits of biscuits all over the floor - the cleaners will loathe me!

A few days ago I treated myself to a Turbo Trainer - I'll be blogging about this on my other blog soon.  All day today I was looking forward to having a good spin on it.  Alas no, not to be, for today.  I have, however, been running a fair amount over the last couple of weeks and while running is good, cycling is not good.  It is surprising how quickly we can go out of shape.  I'll be posting about my progress on this soon.  .

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