Sunday, 4 November 2012

Running and the Glad Game

This morning's run: left the house at 6.30am.  Very dark but about to get light.  Temperature was 4 or 5 degrees C, raining and a light wind.  I was wearing my Brooks shoes (slippery I know but my Saucony's are still drying out from their last outing), Montane featherlite jacket (not very waterproof), a base layer, woolly gloves, woolly hat and shorts (thus allowing my legs to sting when pelted with rain).

First impressions - bloomin' miserable.  Why am I doing this?  Why not just stay tucked up under the duvet?  Am I mad?

A week ago we were in Spain.  Running conditions could not have been better.  Quite a contrast to this drab, wet, cold and miserable morning.

The Glad game

You might know that children's book / film - Polyanna?  A period film about a little girl who always finds something to be glad about even in the most unlikely circumstances.  The other characters in the film were often irritated by her, I can see why.    So I thought I might be equally irritating and do that now.

So, in spite of such horrible conditions, why was this morning's run something to be "glad" about?

  • Nobody else was crazy enough, apart from me in being out this morning.  Therefore I had the hills and tracks to myself
  • On top of the hill my legs were stinging with the rain.  Back home they were tingling!
  • I feel great and I have the rest of the day to enjoy that feeling of "well being", an inward smile through the much blogged about Runner's High
  • One hour = 6.5 miles = 650 calories (very roughly)
  • Hannah greeted me as usual when I come in from running with "Daddy, you stink".  Made me smile
  • I had a really nice hot shower when I got back - lovely!  Appreciate it all the more!
  • Running in horrible conditions makes me feel ALIVE
  • Running in horrible conditions makes me appreciate Spain, the sunshine and warmth even more

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