Monday, 12 November 2012

Running in Spain (2)

You might already have read my previous post on running in Spain.  That was about a few of the runs that I had but for now I just wanted to comment on some of the other runners in and around Javea.

  • If you happen to Google "runners in Spain" the chances are you'll be confronted with men running with bulls through the streets of Pamplona.  Not quite sure what to make of this but it certainly isn't anything like the running most people do to stay in good shape.
  • One evening I got over taken by a couple of younger men out running.  They were going a fair bit faster than me and greeted me in Spanish in a friendly tone as they went passed.  I don't speak Spanish and so I'm not sure what they said but it was undoubtedly positive
  • Most other runners ignored me, looking straight through me as if I wasn't there.  I think that's extremely rude but I do understand how some like to get in the right "zone" where they are totally focussed
  • Apart from the woman in the above photo, every runner was male
  • Most Spanish runners were very clearly fit; ex-pats often looked totally out of shape (but everyone has to start somewhere!)
  • I only saw one person running with an iPod
  • I felt pleased when I got mistaken as a local Spanish runner!
  • The climate is ideal in October
  • If you run at dusk, remember it gets dark quite quickly compared to the UK and northern Europe
  • You can have specific running holidays for training purposes and access trainers, support etc
  • I think that the overall running scene is limited but I might be wrong(?)


  1. It's possible that in some parts of Spain men's running is considered effeminate. I may be wrong.
    I can be a bit wary of other runners and cyclists and although I always return a greeting I may not offer one. I don't mean to be rude it's just that I'm a bit shy sometimes.