Thursday, 12 July 2012

This evening's rainy bike ride

I haven't cycled much lately, what with one thing and other.  In seeking a bit of inspiration I watched the Tour de France highlights on TV this evening (first time for many, many years) and couldn't resist going for a quick blast afterwards.

It was raining.  I hesitated.

"Becky, do you think I should run, cycle or stay in?"

"Go for a bike ride Dad".

"And you Hannah, what's your view?"

Hannah replied (with her daft question look) "Bike"

"Rachel?" I gently enquired.

"You decide" was the firm reply.

And so it was.  Quickly changed and I was off.  Just a quick blast covering 8 miles in the rain and I loved it, almost following my favourite hilly running route, but not quite.

Here's a few highlights:

  1. hardly any cars on the road once outside the town
  2. at one point the road was flooded.  I couldn't go into the middle of the road because I was about to be overtaken.  As I hit the water it was so deep it felt as if I'd pulled the brakes on hard
  3. a car then overtook and showered me with a huge deluge. For half a second I was annoyed and then I felt exhilarated!
  4. clocked 39mph on a fast downhill stretch
  5. got reminded of how versatile the Thorn Audax really is
  6. felt fabulous

Some lowlights:

  1. reminded that my Montane Featherlite jacket is NOT waterproof
  2. my Specialized Sonoma shoes soak up so much water it's like wearing diving boots
  3. forgot brakes don't work very well in the wet....

1 comment:

  1. I know exactly what you mean about being exhilarated on a bike. Brilliant especially when the weather is bad.