Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A birthday "project"....

New cycling top co-ordinating well with her PJs
Many 14 year old girls get make-up, iPhones and clothes for their birthday.

Here's our eldest daughter Becky with a birthday "project".  It is an Argos frame (as in the Bristol bespoke frame builder) and is older than her by several years.  I bought it from our friends Wallie and Angela who I think were happy to let us have it knowing it was going to a new home.  It'll certainly get plenty of use.

While it is rideable, it does need some TLC.  Just had the bearings regreased at the LBS.  As the usual mechanic is on his holiday, we have been dealt with by someone else in the shop who charged me £10 for ball bearings, in addition to the labour.  When I queried this he explained "well I did use caged bearings" which to my mind just makes it even worse!  The bottom bracket is shot; it goes from being tight to loose in 90 degrees.  The Campag hubs will, of course, last forever.

So soon we'll have a bike repair workshop on the go and further blog posts to follow....

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