Monday, 30 July 2012

Rambling Games - Day Three - Synchronised Swinging

The backyard stadium proves to be an ideal venue for a number of events this evening. Inspired by the sheer effort and determination of the synchronised swimmers doing their diving this afternoon Hannah decided that this was the event for us. We don't have a pool in our back garden and so the sport of Synchronised Swinging has been born. A short swing on the climbing frame and long swing suspended from the trees make for an interesting mix and Poppy was somewhat wary of the event. She introduced a side game of sprinting for the rope toy before running off with the prize before any of us could catch her. Rambling Beach Volleyball proved a hit - a piece of string looped across the garden and two players against one did nothing to even the score. Fortunately one member of the team got distracted by weeding the garden which led to abandonment of the game for the evening when a new sport of Bumball was invented by the remaining players using a suitable target on the errant weeder. More events tomorrow.

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