Monday, 2 July 2012

Sorry for not blogging lately

Hannah and myself on a friend's tandem

I am really sorry for not being able blog about my ramblings; June has been quite a hectic month.  As you may have picked up from a recent post, we did do the C2C ride which was good fun.  Family life, trying to stay on top of a prolifically growing garden and work (now including longer commuting times) have all distracted me.  But, but I have carried on with some running and a little cycling - just enough to maintain some level of fitness.

You now, one of the effects of not being quite so active is those old stress levels starting to rise a little.

I have some blog posts lined up including a Guest Blog from our friend Natasha who blogs about nourishing food.  I have some other posts whirling around in my mind.  So with a bit of determination and no planned trips away from home, I hope to resume my normal rambling now.

Besides, I got reminded of all those good reasons to keep blogging by today's post from Tejvan Pettinger's excellent Cycling Info blog (on why write a cycling blog).

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