Monday, 23 July 2012

Inspiration from Wiggins

Bradley Wiggins
Source: Getty Images

No cycling blog could ordinarily be complete without mention of yesterday's exciting conclusion of the 2012 Tour de France with UK's Bradley Wiggins winning.

Wouldn't  it be a wonderful thing if the spectacular achievement by Wiggins inspires some younger children to follow in his tyre tracks.  If not by the Tour de France itself then perhaps by the forthcoming Olympic Games, here in the UK in just a few days time.

This victory is historic for the UK and congratulations must go to Wiggins and all of the Sky Team.  I'm not a TV sports fan but I can tell you I saw the highlights on TV with much enthusiasm, there on the very edge of my seat!  Wiggins comes across as an ordinary bloke without any sense of self importance or elitism; that must be another quality to admire him and his achievement for.

There is absolutely no doubt, as a nation we must become more active in the light of such compelling evidence from the health problems we are storing up for ourselves in this country.  Just take a look at the rise of obesity levels alone:
obesity UK
It appears to be almost relentless and a huge public health issue.  As if the general upward trend was bad enough, just consider the more troubling rise of obesity in children, as if anyone should be surprised by that.  If the number one priority of any parent is to care for and nurture their children, this must be a wake-up call.

The horrendous spectre of UK obesity
Active parents = active kids

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