Saturday, 28 July 2012

Let the Rambling Games commence! - Cycling

After a late night watching the opening ceremony it must have been lack of sleep that caused me to suggest we hold our own Rambling Olympics. Taking our inspiration from the sports of the day we could join in. Mr Ramblings doesn't miss a trick and before we knew it we had all signed up to being active. Ideas for events flowed thick and fast with the first being to support our cycling teams by heading
for the forest and the course around Marston Mortain. "I'm no cyclist" I announced to the bike hire staff, "but if I'm going to keep up with my family I need a bike". They happily obliged with a fine selection and I'd just picked my favourite when the girls arrived clutching Poppy. "get one with a basket, Mum". Poppy was not impressed and, after a spin round the block, we acknowledged she was an accident waiting to happen. Undeterred, the bike staff offered their dog trailer (we need more customers like you they grinned) and so I ended up with the only bike that would fit the trailer. Waving a sad farewell to my dream bike with the armchair saddle we were off with Poppy in tow. Let the Rambling Games commence!

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