Friday, 12 August 2011

Summer holiday in Cumbria

We're off on our holiday early tomorrow morning but don't worry, there's a few blog posts timed to publish while we're away!

We'll be staying near Appleby, in Cumbria .  This is in a barn conversion (which sleeps 10!) and is owned by a Missionary who is serving in Nepal.  We've invited our friends Paul and Steph to join us with their youngsters.  So we're in for a good time!

To get there, we are driving up in Rachel's car, which is somewhat elderly, rusty and due for retirement during the current MOT.  So this is likely to be the last big outing but we'll enjoy it - it's fast and has a sunroof. This VW has been a great car with a huge carrying capacity but gradually some of the electrical gadgets have been failing one by one.   It goes without saying we are taking our bikes, plus my running shoes.  There is a selection of maps etc in the car already, so I'm hoping I'll have a few nice places to run nearby and for cycling further afield.

We're full of expectations and fridge leftovers.  B&H are excited and I must admit I am as well - I've been in the holiday mood for a few days and an opportunity to spend time with my family and some good friends.  I hope to stop thinking about work.  As a precaution I have my "To Do" list with me so I can jot down things as they crop up in my mind - this is better than worrying about them.

So, all's set now for a great holiday!

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