Thursday, 25 August 2011

Dealing with stress - some tips

Some of you will already know that I've had some work-related stress over recent years (click on the About page tab for more on this) but I thought it might be useful to give a few tips from my many strategies:

  1. Go for a run - but you need to be accustomed to this for it to be effective.  From my own experience, this means being able to run for at least 30 minutes.  I've blogged about this before but it does work for me, really it does.  I can go out with a heavy burden, lots of worries and then return an hour later and I feel transformed.
  2. Get a cheap digital watch with an alarm.  Mine is the one in the photo above and cost around £7 in Argos, that's all.  Becky my eldest daughter was fiddling with it a while back and managed to set the alarm to sound at 3.06pm and couldn't work out how to un-set it  One day at work, when I was in a tedious meeting the alarm went off.  Everyone looked at me as I in turn looked at my watch.  "Wow 3.06 already, my apologies I have to go".  Everyone was so amazed I planned my time so precisely, my exit from the meeting was never questioned.  A feeling of being in control, not out of control.
  3. If you have faith then you know praying is exactly right.


  1. 1 go for a run - yes you're right here, glad it works for you
    2 hilarious - how did you keep a straight face?
    3 the most important of all


  2. Thanks Gerry. Re no.2 Generally I can keep a straight face alright. I could only get away with it if I didn't need to be in such a meeting, otherwise it would be dishonest.
    Yes - faith - as you say, the most important of all.

    Thanks again,