Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cycling in harmony with your body

Once more I cycled to work, had cramp in my right foot yet AGAIN (see previous post) and missed a new PB by just a few seconds - soon I will arrive in under 46 minutes.  It felt good and I was in need of a shower.  We don't have showers in our part of the Ministry of Justice and so it is just as well I have an office for myself.

Through the day I was looking forward to my ride home.  I got loads done today, quite satisfying working through that To-do list and seeing plenty of things crossed off.

Called home, logged off, got changed and I was off.  The ride was notable for a few reasons and this is what this blog post is really about:

I was wearing a sort sleeve jersey and from time to time I found myself looking at my hands and arms as I pushed hard along an open A road in the countryside.  I was fascinated by watching my muscles working around my hands and forearms.  I then became aware of how cycling involves plenty of upper-body exercise and strength as I clocked then the way my shoulder muscles were working, not to mention my hand which still hurts following that fall in January!

I took a longer, hillier route coming home which added 3 miles.  That meant I could ride over the top of a hill with a tremendous view of perhaps 30+ miles.  The view was inspirational with magnificent clouds with some showers in the distance and some brooding stormy clouds too.

The weather forecast suggested I could expect a downpour which just did not happen.  At one point I could feel a few spots of rain and I was hoping for more - I just love being out in those summer downpours!

The important thing for this ride was the feeling of being in some kind of harmony where everything just felt good.  Physically it was fine, the conditions could not be better and the bike was running well.  My breathing and heart rate seemed fine being under a bit of load as I pushed myself; I could feel I was working hard and yet in almost complete harmony.  It just all came together.


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    Mandie Hayes

  2. That seemed to be a incredible and exciting bike ride. I love finding hills or mountains that you can see for miles. Incredible experience. Well, I enjoyed your post and will be back in about a week or so for newer post.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment Joel. Hope you find some more great hills and come back next week!