Friday, 5 August 2011

Tired legs + good conditions = new PB!

Another great ride to work today and memorable by beating my personal best (PB) by 2 minutes!  I did the journey in 43 minutes and I thought that was a great start to the day.

Rolling back a couple of hours and it seemed a very unlikely start to the day.  When I woke up the first sensation was not "I need my morning cuppa" or even "I need a wee" but instead it was "my legs ache".

Got up, lovely 'cuppa' and into our normal morning routine.  In spite of feeling tired with sluggish legs I thought I would round the week off with riding to work again.  The first mile is a very gentle slope, nothing strenuous or too taxing but I felt very achy and sluggish..  I then got to the last set of traffic lights on the edge of town and was picking up the pace easily; the air was still, no wind or rain today.  Conditions were just right.  Soon I was in top gear rolling along at 23mph but I knew I couldn't keep that up for long.  After a couple more miles I realised I was riding a good time so I pressed on forward, knowing I was in with a chance of achieving a new PB.

And so I did, arriving in 43mins 18 seconds, that's 2 minutes quicker with an average speed of just over 18mph.  Wet with sweat, no rain today.  It felt so good and my legs were fine; surprising really as I woke up feeling so achy.  These regular rides have really benefited me a great deal, it just goes to show how regular rides really make a difference.  Even my ride home was brisker than normal at 46 minutes.

At work I had that back of my mind I had a wonderful feeling of boosted confidence and achievement - I'm sure there are other commuting cycling who would agree?

Somehow next week, getting back to normal in using my car, as most days will see me out of the office.  Simply must get a few rides in and maybe a chance to pick up running again.

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