Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Review - Specialised BG Gel Mitts

If you are a regular reader you will know of my hand injury, which although slowly healing, was aggravated by cycling in holding my handlebars.  It was that which prompted me to invest in these one lunch time, in order to soften the ride and make cycling easier.

The big attraction as the gel inserts in various places on the palm, designed to cushion the ride.  After all, numerous road defects and tyres at 100psi will cause quite a bit of vibration up through the handlebars.  For this, they live up to expectations in the main.

They cost me £26 in a LBS less a CTC discount.  At the time of writing these were £19.99 at Evans Cycles.

Sizing wise they seem on the small size.  I have XL mitts but there's no way I can have XL sized hands.  Once on, they are a good fit but taking them off is quite a fiddle.

They are not sweaty at all.

The bit which disappoints the most with them being poorly made.  Already stitching is coming loose and a hole is gaping.

Would I buy these again?  No I woudn't.  Sorry.

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