Sunday, 10 July 2011

Short run, long run

I just wanted to say something about the advantages of running for different distances.

Although I have cycled to work three times this last week, I haven't had the chance to go running.  So yesterday morning, I went for a short 3 or 4 mile run, probably more of a jog really. I felt a bit stiff and lumpy. I certainly didn't work up much of a sweat or get much of a runner's high.

This morning I went for a run before breakfast and there's nothing unusual in that.  But what did strike me was how much easier running was today compared to yesterday.  I aimed for my hilly route and it takes me about 8 or 9 minutes to get to the bottom of the first steep climb (about 1 in 5).  After another 20 minutes I was nicely loosened up and it was then I realised I was running well, with a much better running form.  So, I decided to take a different route, adding on a few miles.

By the 45 minute stage my stride was noticeably longer without having to purposely do it.  It was just coming together nicely.  The scenery was lovely with distant views into the soft haze and I just love these early morning runs!  I love having those views for myself, being the first to run through that wet grass and to break through those cobwebs.

So I ran for about 80 - 90 minutes and feel great.  Yesterday's run "prepared" me for today by reminding my body about running in loosening up those joints which had taken it easy for a week.

Tomorrow I might run again; I probably will as I'll need to use my car for work.  Perhaps Tuesday I'll take a rest as it is so important to get the balance right with pushing myself and resting.  And for now, yes there's a quiet and more subtle runner's high rewarding me.

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