Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Quick update

Distant memory already, only remember cycling to my office and back
Treat with Reception at House of Lords (cooooo...)

No sign of Murdoch's t'do
Kept head down back at office
Things went well
Started at 9.00am today at HQ, having previously arranged to go to SMT at about 10.30am
Got called into SMT at 9.45am
Asked for my views on other matters while I was still there
Most decisions went my way but not all
Police HQ for afternoon meeting, brisk Police pace
Visit to third sector organisation with Police afterwards
Went well
Back to office
Call from Manager, all okay
Sat at desk, logged on
Brewed tea, savoured every drop
Called home, will be 2 hours late
Got everything done, drove home earlier than expected
Day off
B&H on school hols
Will go to Milton Keynes
Need a new helmet
B needs birthday treat of cycling jersey and new running shoes
H requested "let's play Daddy"
Lookin' forward to it
Might go for a run first thing....

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