Friday, 1 July 2011

Blogging update

Here's a quick round-up of the week, sorry not to have blogged in the usual way as life has been fairly full this week.

Firstly we've had some tremendous thunder storms this week, this image is the closest I have.  I remember sitting at my desk listening to distant thunder and there was one of those annoying pop-up messages the IT unit sometimes send out.  It said thunder storms were coming and advising everyone to save their work frequently.  I'd just finished reading it when BANG went a crack of thunder along with a flash.  The building across the road had been hit but no apparent damage.

Kenyan friends
Our friends Nicholas and Edward have now returned to their home and families in Kenya.  We're feeling a bit wistful and wonder when we'll see them again.  It was Edward who remarked on us (in England) having everything and life is plentiful, yet we lack so much.  He talks about faithfulness and time for each other,  See his blog link below or click here.

Some cycling
Following on from last Saturday's night ride, I've had a couple of rides.  A pleasant 30 miles on Sunday afternoon and then I decided to ride to HQ on Monday.  It's 26 miles each way.  Satisfying because on a bad day it has taken longer to drive there.  Coming back I managed to annoy some motorists who found the road was awkward for over-taking a cyclist like me.  A BMW M5 got passed me and accelerated away fast.  Quite impressive performance I thought, but who cares. Having a car like that seems such a meaningless thing nowadays; surely being able to cycle is far more important.

Managed to put on 4lbs in weight and lose it inside a week.  Perhaps too many Brazil nuts (a real super food for another time).

I was a tad concerned to get an email from the Chief.  Asked me to see her ASAP about my appraisal.  As I was at HQ on Monday, I responded in person.  I was starting to get worried as normally this only happens in the event of there being a problem, where someone is on thin ice or heading for a Performance Improvement Plan.  In the end it was a brief mention of the fact I had had an appraisal and then to talk about the emerging tensions between the Ministry of Justice and No 10.  Ken Clarke has been over ruled on sentencing reforms.

Things are mostly okay otherwise although I don't feel I have been very productive this week.  I have quite a few mini projects on the go and none can be tied up right now.  I'm having to wait for others to do their bit in some way.

Rachel needs a new car
Mindful of Edward remarking how everyone seems to have a car in England, suddenly we're feeling materialistic and I for one feel uncomfortable. We've always had a car each in all the time we've been married.  The combined age of our 2 cars is 26 years.  I bought Parkers car price guide and started making a short list of possible cars.  Starting at the beginning, I got only as far as Citroen. Very hard to know what to do.  Years back choosing a new car was fun and yet now it seems less important.

Hannah had 2 days of Bikeability training at school.  Only 6 kids in her class took up the chance.  What does that say about kids today?

My hand
Seems to be bearing up well with the Ibuprofen, so I'm optimistic it'll heal soon.

Had a 4 mile run on Wednesday and then did my 7.5 mile Hilly route this morning, starting at 5.30am.  It was lovely outside then, not bad running but I felt slow and out of the habit.  A really great reminder of why I need to run.


  1. I think that with running, it is in all reality, not possible to maintain peak consistancy all of the time.
    I,myself am a bit slower than this time last year but I think you have to factor in the effect that a busy life can have on your running/cycling performance.
    We will from time to time, get a bit run down and when this happens I think its a good idea to 'run easy'.
    Getting out there and doing the run is more important than the time achieved.

  2. Good point about doing the run being more important than the time.