Friday, 22 July 2011

Brooks B17 review - first few months

There was never much of a question in my mind about what make of saddle I would have on my new bike, it's clear enough, it had to be a Brooks.  I did consider some of their more up market ones but I am very content with my 28 year old Brooks B17, which is on my old Dawes Galaxy.

What has surprised me is how easy it has been to break in.  I'm not sure why I was expecting it to be longer, maybe it's because of my previous experience?  Anyway, the new one was easily and seamless to break in; right from the start it was comfortable but firm.

It's been a pleasure taking care of it with an occasional wipe of Proofhide, a lovely unforgettable smell.  I did buy a new tin but I was taken a-back at the cost and for only a very small tin.  The old tin of somewhat firmer Proofhide lasted for years.  Somehow this tin of soft Proofhide will be used up far quicker - and it doesn't smell as nice!

I have followed the instructions of using the supplied spanner to tension the leather by a quarter of a turn every now and then.

A couple of other bonus points:  firstly it has saddle bag loops and secondly, it's not at all sweaty in this warmer weather.  Another aspect that I like is the appearance; it looks quirky nowadays.

The B17 is the cheapest in the range at about £65 from a LBS.  You might get it cheaper mail order.

Conclusion - I made the right choice.

The last little bit in the c1980 tin of Proofhide


  1. I have a B17 on my Roberts and my Surly LHT.
    Made in GB....absolutely first class,whats not to like?

  2. Yep, they're great saddles which have stood the test of time very well.
    I ought to have mentioned before my LBS says there's "no demand" and that's why they had to order mine in especially. They sell a few pricey bikes so that doesn't seem to add up. They remarked how many people judge a saddle by seeing how squishy it is: they find a soft wide one and assume it'll be very comfortable!!