Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Long term review - Endura Hummvee Baggy Shorts

Many reviews tend to be based on short term impressions.  This review is based on three years use, adding up to thousands of miles, several washes and general wear and tear.  Overall, it's a pretty positive story.  Read on...

They cost, at the time of writing, £45.99 from FW Evans Cycles who I rate quite highly, they deserve some success on the High Street.  I reckon I paid about the same in 2008, so they've not been hit too much by inflation.

They're available in any colour you want, so long as it's black - nothing unusual here then.  They are made from 100% nylon.  That might be the case but there are clearly different types of nylon used. There's an elasticated waist band which a good number of belt loops. The fly is a normal zip with a press popper at the top.

In terms of pockets, there are two map pockets, just the right size of an Ordnance survey map.  On each side there is a reasonably deep pocket, closed with a zip with a helpful cord, as you can just see in the top left on the photograph.  There are two further pockets, towards the lower part - one is zipped and one is Velcro.

For warmer summer months, there are zipped ventilation sections on either side.

Additionally there is a key clip, which could be very useful.

Also supplied are some inner shorts - racy black Lycra with a padded seat and to complete the set a simple webbed belt.

They're available in a wide range of sizes from Small to XX Large.  The inner printed label gives washing instructions (and it hasn't worn off yet) and declares it is made in China.  With so many horror stories concerning supply chain ethics, pollution and worker's rights, I am lately more concerned about the ethical nature of their manufacture.

Living with the shorts
In general I'd say these are very good but not quite perfect.

The belt seemed unnecessary and got mislaid a long time ago.  Probably useful for tying something onto a rear pannier rack (perhaps for an unexpected impulse bargain that wouldn't fit anywhere else).

The shorts came with Lycra inner shorts.  As I'm not too versed in these it is hard to comment.  I've worn them a couple of times and found the padded seat really comfortable.  Otherwise a bit clammy and a tight fit.  Subsequently discarded.

The actual shorts themselves is clearly where the money has been spent.  I'd say they're very practical indeed (especially the OS size map pocket), good high waist and satisfactory overall fit.  I know it's a question of personal taste but I think they're a little too baggy but this is perhaps nit-picking.

Tough, very hard wearing.  Practical and great for day rides with all those pockets.  Style is okay.  Considering they'll last for many more years, they must be seen as representing excellent value for money and £46 seems a fair price.

On the positive side, they seem almost indestructible, they really are very hard wearing and definitely up to the job in my eyes.

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